ohanapecosh and stafford falls trail

Pack your water bottle and lunch and cross the road to start the hike. Views of about three different waterfalls. Below Wauhaukaupauken Falls the Ohanapecosh then flows more generally east over … Tieton, WA. The Wonderland Trail crosses the river near the falls. Puff Falls / Dry Creek Falls An off trail hike quite literally up the creek itself to an unusually large waterfall. Camping and hiking next to the Ohanapecosh River, of course, also made it impossible to ignore the many rivers which originate in the mountains glaciers. We had a nice hike today. Ohanapecosh Falls. Medium flows yield a spectacular boof off the far left wall. Gorgeous blue-green clear water and several falls. R Rainbow Fails State Park 202. Unfortunately about 2.5 miles in the trail was flooded. Ohanapecosh Falls is located along th Eastside Trail along the Highway 123 corridor in Mount Rainier National Park. lots of off trail stops to waterfalls and dips in the water. -----Eastside Trail Access 46.8045, -121.5653 . Trail Condition: Trail in good condition Distance from Seattle: 1.5 hours, ~90 miles from downtown. It doesn't get much better than this one. Add Your Trails. P Falls Creek Falls 195. Spanning the park’s eastern reaches from Chinook Pass to the Ohanapecosh Campground, the Eastside Trail traverses alpine meadows, primeval forest and a valley that thunders from catapulting creeks and crashing cascades. ; Address: 747 Market Street Tacoma, WA 98402 Phone: (++1) 253-591-5171 Sheriff's Office, County of Pierce : Pierce County 930 Tacoma Avenue South, First Floor Tacoma, WA 98402 Phone: (++1) 253-798-7530 As the trail dives into the forest away from the road, the snow disappeared. The falls can be accessed two ways. I'm telling you right now, this cascade is absolutely gorgeous and it has the best pool of green/blue color I have seen in the park. With several trailheads and access points, the 13.4 … Wonderland Trail to Camp Summerland and Lake, Pacific Crest Trail: Chinook Pass to White Pass, Crystal Lake via Sourdough gap and Sheep Lake, Wonderland Trail: Summerland, Indian Bar, Cowlitz Divide, Wonderland Trail: Panhandle Gap and Sarvant Glacier. View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. After a 30 minute wait, we opted instead to go to the other Owyhigh Lake trailhead that is shared with the Ohanapecosh Trail outside the park. Ohanapecosh Falls is located along th Eastside Trail along the Highway 123 corridor in Mount Rainier National Park. only saw about 10 people on the trail, leaving and coming back. Near 3 miles of Silver Falls Loop, only saw 1 other hiking group at 10 am on a Friday. Ohanapecosh and Stafford Falls Trail is a 7.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Ashford, Washington that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. We didn’t see any animals but saw a set of deer hooves and tail, looked too clean to be a furry predator; maybe more like an illegal hunter. 37 Carter Falls/Madcap Falls/Narada Falls 179. Once you get to the falls there is a bridge with a fantastic view of Silver falls that flows through a gorge. 0.3 mi 0.5 km #1 Grove of the Patriarchs. Keep in mind that there is no trailhead toilet, parking is limited, and no pets or livestock are allowed here. Apparently this old roadbed can still be seen below the falls. I stopped when I got to the tenth tree across the path. Eastside Trail There are two approaches, listed by WTA as “Owyhigh Lakes” and “Deer Creek Falls to Owyhigh Lakes”. Trek to Silver Falls at Ohanapecosh So, when we found the East Side trail … 39 Comet Falls 185. Ohanapecosh Falls Water Source: Ohanapecosh River Waterfall Description: The Ohanapecosh River drops nearly 70 feet in this 2-tiered waterfall with double plunge pools. This is the put in. The hike to Stafford Falls drops steeply from the road, requiring a climb to return to your vehicle. We had a spectacular view of Stafford Falls while we ate a private picnic lunch. 35 Deer Creek Falls/Stafford Falls/Ohanapecosh Falls 171. another cool lagoon off trail by a waterfall you can swim in. S Rainbow Falls State Park 196. Then continue hiking through breathtaking primeval forest paying attention left bot to miss Stafford Falls. Stay straight on the main trail/road and continue on another 0.2 miles to the official marked trailhead for “Snoqualmie Lake Trail” (which will take you to Otter Falls) where there is a small kiosk with an overview map of the trails in the region and a metal gate (with a big “Road Closed For Vehicles Beyond This Point” sign on it) blocking cars from accessing the trail. The waterfall begins as a 21 … Beautiful trail. Down spray at the falls is a big problem because good compositions are confined to the … To access Silver Falls, take the easy 3-mile Silver Falls loop trail from the Ohanapecosh Campground. We arrived around 10:30 and parking was limited. 36 Silver Falls 176. There are sub-paths all along the trail with access to lagoons and falls. This loop trail starts from “B” loop of the Ohanapecosh Campground. Get Trail News Subscribe to our free email newsletter for hiking events, news, gear reviews and more. Trail Run Project is built by runners like you. It’s a little past 7:30pm, and still (according to my computer) 87 degrees Fahrenheit, (30 degrees C) at my house. ... Trails in Ohanapecosh - 5. Rainier National Park, Washington, US Moving on, continue for another 800 feet or so down the Owyhigh Lakes Trail until a marked junction with the Eastside Trail. We often found chanterelle (smell like apricots) mushrooms along the trail between Stafford Falls and the trail bridge over the Ohanapecosh River Falls. Here the river plunges 50 feet over a shelved ledge. Some of the trees are clustered and it takes interesting maneuvering to work your way under, over, or around. Continue downstream paralleling Chinook Creek for 3 miles to a bridge over the Ohanapecosh at a double falls. We were shaded by forest most of the way, but with the lovely sounds and views of the creek and waterfalls. Rainier's glaciated slopes draw intrepid mountaineers from all over the world, the national park's meadows, summer wildflowers, and over 260 miles of maintained trails make it possible to explore for weeks without ever touching the summit. It can be a little confusing to find this trail as it shares the Owyhigh Lakes trailhead. Before the trailhead there is a nice visitor … This was a visit to the little known Stafford Falls along the Eastside Trail, starting at the Owyhigh Lakes Trailhead. Here walk across another sturdy bridge spanning high above a crashing waterway. 3.6 miles upstream of Panther Creek on Hwy 123 is the Owyhigh trailhead, which leads quickly downstream to the Eastside trail. Easy. In another tenth of a mile, you are standing on the big wooden footbridge over 50-foot Ohanapecosh Falls. Watch your step as there is no railing and it’s a long way down. In another two-thirds of a mile look for an unmarked but well-trodden side trail off to the left, and follow it down to view Stafford Falls, where 8-foot-wide Chinook Creek chutes 25 feet down into a woodland punchbowl roughly 50 feet across and then turns a corner and makes its way downstream less eventfully. Not a soul in sight both ways! Ruby Falls is located where the original Longmire-Paradise road crossed the Paradise River (just below the falls). Kid friendly, trail walk was perfect for my eight year old. Follow the Eastside Trail to the left (south) toward Ohanapecosh. 41 Turn water Falls 196. Rainier National Park, Ashford, WA; (360) 569-2211. Eatonville, WA Trails: Angry Mountain Trail, Backbone Ridge Trail, Big Creek Trail, Bluff Lake Trail, Boundary Trail, Davis Mountain Trail, Dry Creek Trail, Five Thousand Thirty Trail, Glacier Lake Trail, Hinkle Tinkle Trail, Ipsut Creek Trail, Jordan Creek Trail, Moraine Trail, Northern Loop Trail, Osborne Mountain Trail, Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, Packwood Lake Trail, Paul Peak Trail, Pompey Peak Trail, … Some are easy accessible waterfalls, marked below and are makered on the roads in the NP with relatively easy car parking and hiking trails to the waterfalls. some root systems and rock passes. The plunge pool below is also stunning with its glacial blue tint. Dayhikers keep moving, and in another half mile cross a couple of streams (be prepared for the possibility of wet feet and bring extra socks or water shoes just in case). Keep hiking passing impressive cathedral groves of towering timber. Southwest … RECOMMENDED ROUTE Difficult. These enormous trees are … 38 Christine Falls 183. 3.6 miles upstream of Panther Creek on Hwy 123 is the Owyhigh trailhead, which leads quickly downstream to the Eastside trail. They had many sites closed due to hazardous trees. No obstructions and ran into only 1 other hiking group. Look right up an impressive chasm and catch cool breezes riding above the glacier-fed river. Silver Falls Loop 2.9 mi 4.6 km • 440' Up 134.17 m Up • 426' Down 129.72 m Down. This is a short, easy trail run to either begin or end your day (or both!). Deer Creek Falls, Chinook Cascades, Stafford Falls, Ohanapecosh Falls - Duration: ... Eastside Trail, Pass Falls, Cayuse Falls - Duration: 10:45. Rainier ... brushy spur trail to the left, which will take you to a viewpoint of Stafford Falls.

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