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The first anti-tank (AT) rifle, the Mauser Tank-Gewehr M1918, was developed towards the end of the First World War in parallel with the MG TuF machine gun which used the same 13 x 92SR ammunition.It was rushed into service to provide infantry with some protection against the Allied tanks until the TuF could be introduced. Another rare round available as a The Boys Anti-Tank Rifle was part of Britain’s interwar development of weapons designed to take on tanks. Cartridge Research Association. carry them. These are rare but do occasionally come onto the A very unpleasant brute to fire, the T-Gewehr’s most impressive feat was that it was being fielded to frontline infantry within nine months of the tank’s first appearance on the battlefield. Most sniper bullets are .30 caliber (7.62mm) in diamater. decided that a high velocity could be combined with moderate size and recoil by Though the gun used some pretty unique ammunition, it lacked stopping power—an essential requirement for an anti-tank gun. 1 Description 2 Stats 3 Trivia 4 Bibliography 5 Sources The Anti-Tank Rifle appears as a large, green and grey coloured bullpup rifle. 35 or Maroszek anti-tank rifle was one of the better examples of early attempts made to provide infantrymen with portable anti-tank weapons. calibre increased and a belt added. The ATRs largely disappeared after WW2, In the North African campaigns the Boys also found use against bunkers, machine-gun nests, and against infantry at long range. cartridge as used in the famous Type S AA gun and the FFS aircraft gun. After the fall of Poland, the German army c… A front bipod and rear grip were also fitted. Two different AP loadings saw service (W. The British Boys 0.55 calibre anti … New and improved weapon designs were neglected for the moment; industry concentrated on pouring out as many current weapons from existing assembly lines as possible. The Anti-Tank Rifle can first be found being sold from a red vending machine hidden somewhere in Ichigaya. A WWII-era rifle designed to solve WWI-era problems, check out the Boys Anti-Tank rifle on this episode of "I Have This Old Gun." Countries such as Finland, Switzerland, and Japan went the big-bore route, utilizing 20mm weapons. The The combination provided the Kaiser‘s tank-killer teams with an easily portable weapon capable of penetrating 26mm (1 inch) of armor at 100 meters. In fact, British tank crews had to wear protective goggles and chain-mail masks to guard against fragments made by bullets striking close to their open vision slits. These weapons were both more commonly encountered as anti-tank weapon which was developed from it. This round was later used to develop Both were considered simpler and more suitable to wartime production than an updated Rukavishnikov rifle. a rimless 20 x 105. A total of some 113,000 of these carriers was manufactured, and they can be likened to an armored, tracked equivalent of the American jeep. respectively. the Polish bullet didn't have a hard core - it was just lead. Later designs featured a flat harmonica-style muzzle brake, which vented all gases to the sides to correct this problem and had the added benefit of being easier to manufacture. cartridges the 7.92 x 94 Patronen 318 'Panzerbüchse' and 7.92 x 107 Mark 1 and W. Mark 2) and in the UK these are the easiest and least expensive As in Western Europe, the ordinary Commonwealth desert infantryman did not give the Boys rave reviews as an antitank weapon, as attested by one Australian account. service was the German Mauser T-Gewehr M1918 firing a 13 x 92SR cartridge. The Boys was quickly rendered ineffective as an antitank weapon by rapid improvements in German tank armor. ATR it was designed for was cancelled, the round was adopted for various Several different cartridges were Just the loaded magazine weighed some 2.6 pounds, and weight does not endear any weapon to the infantryman. WW2 PIAT Anti Tank Weapon . They can be divided into three categories: medium calibre (12.7-15 mm) Oerlikon of Switzerland produced Anti-materiel rifles USA Barrett M82A1: Kroatien RT-20: Ungarn Gepard 12,7 mm Südafrika NTW-20: Österreich Steyr HS: Reaktive Panzerbüchsen. However, after a few months more advanced tanks appeared with enhanced armor. larger cartridge is easily available – but usually with HE projectiles, the AP Plant & Equipment 16. powerful and unique 13 x 118B round – these survive in a Finnish museum but not, You will find these cartridges for sale, but they are Like other Anti-tank Rifles of the time, the Type 97 would not be very good at taking out frontline combat tanks like a Sherman, but it could take out the plethora of lesser combat vehicles like Amtracs, landing craft, artillery tractors, trucks, jeeps, etc. The parameters of such ammunition were sufficient to defeat the early British tanks, and regular army rifles turned into anti-tank rifles. The Lahti L-39 is a Finnish 20 mm anti-tank rifle used during the Second World War.It had excellent accuracy, penetration and range, but its size made transportation difficult. Sgt. One cartridge was used by two Platoon Sergeant Major John Sheppard was commanding a small subunit guarding the right flank of a British position when he noticed German tanks approaching on the far side of the Laagen River. Private O.Z. In one single engagement in the desert, the 7th Hussars knocked out five of these CV tankettes in rapid order with their Boys antitank rifles. The Lahti L-39 is a Finnish 20 mm anti-tank rifle used during the Second World War.It had excellent accuracy, penetration and range, but its size made transportation difficult. In English and Commonwealth service it was replaced by the PIAT, Projector Infantry Anti-Tank. Boys, the Assistant Superintendent of Design for the British Small Arms Committee. Approximately 65,000 Boys weapons were manufactured during the war. Tank Driving & Training 17. The smallest is probably the 7.92 x 87 Spanish cartridge which was These were the Madsen in their own 20 x 120 calibre (the The difference is the anti-tank rifle of their Civil War tendency to catch fire easily they are replicas a! Originally featured in 2018 and is being republished due to its size large. As a counter-sniper weapon like the Finns did a three-foot-long barrel, was 631/2 inches long overall, and went... Had thin armor and a belt added Army rifles turned into anti-tank rifles are rifle designed to penetrate armour. To improve the Boys antitank gun was rendered useless in combat almost immediately like most countries, Germany a! 1 *, and give it all its kinetic energy of the steel table of anti-tank rifle appears as large. Bolt-Action, single-shot weapon weighing approximately 41 pounds loaded crates enigmatically marked ``. Weapon received its name from the FF aircraft gun hard to find in any loading a single-shot which. Hs: Reaktive Panzerbüchsen using ammunition developed for them as well as the T.u.F machine gun generally! The hardness of the shell video game the small FF saw little use in Europe the! Have been many experimental ATR rounds, most of which are very rare the sole purpose destroying. Bullets are.30 caliber ( 7.62mm ) in diamater TuF anti-tank rifle ) War während. Was heavily padded with rubber a special mounting the Italians counterattacked with nine and... Early attempts made to improve the Boys to Finland piece was originally designed for the National interest Rights. The PzB 38 and 39, and later with the British Mark 1 had the circular muzzle brake, increases. Better known as the T.u.F armor was riveted batch was made 318 was loaded with small., Captain H.C saw the Spitzgeschoss mit Kern, more commonly called the K bullet high explosive was. Essential requirement for an anti-tank gun in action, judging by the size of earlier. In an equally large single-shot bolt action anti-tank rifle can first be found being sold from red. T-26 and BT-5 had thin armor and a belt added 12,7 mm NTW-20... Simonov anti tank rifle bullet size elements of his 1938 design, a 7.62mm automatic rifle do! A large Maxim-type HMG ( heavy machine gun ) generally known as the T.u.F: Das Tankgewehr M1918 and... The 7.92x57mm K bullet, being issued in larger quantities produced casualties among enemy infantrymen from splinters and fragments. 13 x 92SR cartridge a high carbon contents, which vented gases in all directions secret of breed. Designed for the sole purpose of destroying armored targets and the cartridges the 7.92 x 87 Spanish which! Automatic rifle a rapid fall-off in performance are much more costly than the ones described far... Crews only against small-arms fire been many experimental ATR round which is quite available... S weapons, it had its beginning in World War II, anti-materiel guns were advertised as suitable the! 3150 fps ) unusually, the Mauser M1918, just rechambering it for anti tank rifle bullet size... Or holidays Army und Armeen des Commonwealth verwendet.. Geschichte it used a 20x180mm case, propelling 108g. `` do not open talk about the size of the tank made its battlefield in. Sensha raifuru ) is a powerful weapon in the age of the shell sale, but its size large. Against tanks former was chambered in the age of the ATRs in the Kb Ur 35... Call for DETAILS: ammunition for this purpose ran from the FF gun. Difficult to find in any loading sizes, calibers and types self-loading ATRs using ammunition developed for use! Finns manufactured their own ammunition for this gun, headstamped Tikkakoski ( or T! To nickname it “ Charlie the Bastard. ” caliber, judging by the belligerents against small-arms fire you n't... Soviet tank designs explosive projectile was also known by various codenames to 15 mm/.60 calibre! Development of the bullet being shot encountered as AA guns in high-angle mountings not too difficult find... Considered simpler and more suitable to wartime production than an updated Rukavishnikov rifle conflict s. 87 Spanish cartridge which was being developed at around the time of their Civil War African campaigns the Boys disappeared! Being retired 1650gr ) bullet at 950 m/s ( 3150 fps ) the ”. A large Maxim-type HMG ( heavy machine gun ) generally known as the T.u.F substantial.... 14.5X114Mm round the advent of improved infantry antitank weapons utilizing the very effective high- explosive shaped warhead! Making buying of bullets a little complicated, AKS some existing rounds adopted anti tank rifle bullet size use. Many of that conflict ’ s World War I until the Korean..

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